CBD in Vetinary Practice

Cannabidiol (CBD) is continually being intensively researched and implemented for its its medicinal potential to treat pain, inflammation and its ability to complement other treatments in chiropractic/manual therapy, orthopaedic and general equine veterinary practice.

Increasing scientific studies confirms the effectiveness and applications of CBD and the existence of the endocannabinoid system. The science speaks for itself. The integration of CBD into veterinary practise is still new. An increasing number of veterinarians are already convinced of the benefits of CBD for their equine clients.

CBD commonly comes in oil preparations and more recently gels for topical application. Not surprisingly, CBD can affect the body depending on the route of administration. Furthermore, typically larger amounts of CBD are required via oral routes, than in external preparations.

CBD for Therapists

CBD is ideal for long term treatment of chronic pain issues of the locomotor system. Safety and efficacy continue to be researched with positive results. The discovery of the endoconnabiniod system has opened up new avenues for natural treatment either concurrently with or alternatively to current NSAID treatments. More and more owners are tending to CBD due to the fact that unwanted side effects are almost non existent.

Professionals can now begin to incorporate CBD as a form of therapy into their clients wellness routines. CBD has demonstrated versatility in various settings, such as long term management of arthritis.

Commonly most people think of CBD as an oil for oral administration

CBD Education

Comprehensive CBD education is imperative for the equine branch to ensure informed decision-making in administration. Keep up to date regarding CBD’s potential benefits and risks in managing horse health conditions. We offer regular Webinars to grow your knowledge. Subscribe to our newsletter to receive information about our educational webinars.

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