CBD for Equines

Almost 50% of horse owners also believe CBD is a viable alternative to NSAID’s as a treatment for inflammation.

Exploring the Transformative Benefits of CBD for Horses

Explore the remarkable benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) for your horse on our comprehensive information webpage. Delve deep into understanding how CBD can support your horse’s well-being, alleviate discomfort, and promote natural calmness. 

Gain valuable insights into dosage, safety considerations, and effective integration strategies to seamlessly incorporate CBD into your horse’s care routine. 

Discover the capacity of CBD to transform your horse’s health and overall well-being.

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Cannabidiol for Equine Professionals

Cannabis medicine for horses is an emerging field and we are dedicated to providing education and support to veterinarians, equine professionals and trainers.

Send us an email and we’ll help you seamlessly integrate cannabinoid therapy into your equine health practice. 

Our Resources on CBD for Horses

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CBD in Veterinary Practice

CBD holds promise in equine veterinary practice for managing conditions like arthritis due to its potential anti-inflammatory properties, offering a natural alternative to traditional medications. 

CBD for Therapists, when do use or recommend for clients
CBD for Therapists

As more research is completed, we are seeing improved understanding and integration of CBD in veterinary and therapeutic practice. An increasing number of therapist are using CBD in their treatments.

CBD Education

Comprehensive CBD education is crucial for the equine branch to ensure informed decision-making regarding its potential benefits and risks in managing horse health conditions. We offer regular Webinars to grow your knowledge.

Cannabidiol in the Equine Branch

Cannabidiol (CBD) is continually being intensively researched and implemented for its its medicinal potential to treat pain, inflammation and its ability to complement other treatments in chiropractic/manual therapy, orthopaedic and general equine veterinary practice. 

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Case studies from customers

In my almost 40 years of practice as an equine vet, I have never met anyone who complements my treatments as well as Adrienne. Thanks to her knowledge, experience and expertise, I trust in the new massage gel with CBD - a substance with potential that is already being used successfully in a variety of equine therapies.
Dr Josef Kössler
Specialist Equine Veterinarian (FEI), Chiropractor (IAVC)
Adrienne has been treating my competition horses very successfully for several years now. The CBD gel she developed is effective for muscle tension and tendon problems. I also like to use it to keep my daughters' older competition horses in shape. It does help in training as a prevention, but not suitable close to competitions as CBD is banned.
Luca Zeni
Successful Reining Trainer
Julie uses both CBD in oral and gel form for her PSSM horse. She finds the oral helps keep her horse comfortable. After more excessive exercise she notices tension in a few areas. The she massages Balance Plus well into the muscles for immediate reduction in tension.
Julie uses Balance Plus CBD in conjunction with feeding CBD and regularly buys it

CBD products specifically developed for Horses

Balance Plus CBD Gel for Horses

Introducing Balance Plus CBD Gel; a transdermal gel specifically formulated for the musculoskeletal system for equines. Balance Plus is ideal for long term treatment of chronic pain issues of the locomotor system.

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